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A Voice in the Wilderness

As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Great River

A great river doesn't care about its greatness; but it attains its greatness by being lower than its tributaries...and as such, it serves all things.

Monday, October 03, 2005

A Bush Joke

When asked, "Mr. President, what are your thoughts on Roe versus Wade?"

He responded, "I don't really care how they get out of New Orleans."

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Albuqerque Mayoral Candidate stopped by police? - for suspicion of DWI? - released?

According to two very, very well placed sources, some time between May and July 2005, a certain mayoral candidate was stopped by a local police agency and released. Both sources have indicated that the candidate was stopped on suspicion of DWI.

As the story has been conveyed to me, the vehicle stop was radioed in through police dispatch but, as soon as the candidate's identity was revealed, the contacting officer was directed, presumably by a superior, to let the candidate go.

It is my understanding that the recorded transmissions which are required to be saved under federal law are all of a sudden un-touchable for anyone to review. Furthermore, different attempts to obtain access to the radio logs have been thwarted. One source said, "It looks like someone very high at the state level doesn't want that information getting released."

It is my understanding at least one of the local media's more prominent investigative journalists is already aware of this incident but has thus far been unsuccessful in penetrating the veil of secrecy around the traffic stop. Consequently, the incident continues to be unreported.

It could be a rumor but, who knows... I am not naming any agencies and I am not naming any candidates because I do not want to be charged with libel or slander.

Nonetheless, perhaps news confrences where each candidate steps forward and categorically denies his involvement in any possible DWI incident that occurred earlier this year would be a great place to start.

Moreover, if the candidate steps forward and turns out to be made a liar because the incident can be tracked through radio logs - then maybe this city would be better off without such a candidate to stand at the helm for Albuquerque.

Please folks - no names here, instead contact the media and ask them whether they know about this rumor, whether or not they are following up on it and if not, why not?

The Voice of Conscience

The voice of conscience is so delicate that it is easy to stifle it; but it is also so clear that it is impossible to mistake it.
Madame De Stael,
writer (1766-1817)

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