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As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Democrats Win Nationwide - However, New Mexico's Coconut Constituency Again Stupidly Delivers Heather Their Support

While Americans have issued what amounts to a referendum against George Bush and his, "Stay the course" Iraq war policy, New Mexico remains a toss-up at least as far as NM Republican Congresswoman, Heather Wilson goes.

As of right now, Wilson leads Attorney General Patricia Madrid by 1300 votes. Final counting is wrapping up and the results ought to be official by noon today. Ironically, New Mexico is predominantly Democrat and yet, Heather Wilson appears to have pulled off yet another win.

Well, it was Madrid's election to lose - I'll discuss more on that in a later post once the outcome is official. Suffice it to say, that Heather's appeal is potent enough to draw a demographic of voters that have traditionally been Democrat.

The past decades of influx to New Mexico is shifting the political climate - add to that the sense of apathy on the part of native new Mexican Democrats, strong ties to the American military industrial complex and finally, the cultural confusion of the local indigenous Latino population explains this cultural voting phenomenon playing itself out in the First Congressional District.

The Latino Perspective: Latinos in New Mexico are atypical in that they do not vote as a block. Rather, they vote according to socio-economic status. The result has played itself out and it is a direct result of the cultural schizophrenia induced by shame and denial of those who would prefer to be anything but Latino.

Sadly, the misplaced loyalty to a party that represents quite specific interests appeals to a large enough segment of New Mexico's native Hispanics to cause power shifts - the likes of which we are seeing played out in favor of Heather Wilson.

Needless to say; if Wilson wins, I am disappointed. I am disappointed - not that Heather can win - but rather that she can win off the votes of a select few coconuts (Latinos who are ashamed to be Hispanic; brown-skinned on the outside and white on the inside - not any different from the pejorative used to describe 'Uncle Tom' traitorous blacks) who devalue their culture and quite literally abandon all that represents their culture in favor of the dominant American cultural perspectives held by the majority population in the United States. How sad that these Tio Tacos can quite literally turn their backs on their cultural values because they mistakenly confuse them as being inferior.

Leslie Sanchez, a perfect example of a Latino Coconut

Consequently, these Latinos align themselves with bigots, xenophobes, rednecks not unlike the Jews that funded the Catholic Kings Isabella and Ferdinand's rise to power and expulsion of the Moors from Spain in the 15th century - only to then be subjected to bigoted abuses, alienation, derision and disaffection after their purpose had been served.

Such sell-outs love to wrap themselves in the American flag and paint themselves as, "rootin'-tootin Americans." These days, the refer to themselves as, 'Republicanos.' Lacking any sense of historical context, they ignorantly do it - I can only assume - out of profound self-hatred, delusional believing that their olive skin and genetic phenotype will be mollified in the eyes of their puppet-masters if they speak the King Dubya's English. Apparently their brown asses and mixed race features escape them when they look in the mirror. Such self-deception is as ludicrous as the chicken, cow and pig who lovingly look to farmer Jones because he feeds and cares for them.

Yes, these are the same morons who cross themselves in church and pray on Sunday for the unborn while simultaneously parsing the words in the Good Book as they scream for state-sanctioned executions; the same folks who are all too willing to abandon the Bible when it comes to caring for the poor, the defenseless and the weak if it has any potential effect on their holy-rolling pocketbooks. Such morons wouldn't think twice about hiding their tortillas and tacos, but they cannot deny what their phenotype and DNA belie. In the end, they dismiss fellow Latinos who hold opposite views as "far-left" and "marginalized" in order to sniff the lying adulterer Newt Gingrich's back side.

And why do they do it? Why are they so willing to ignore their most basic religious tenets? Because they suffer from ethnic shame - they approach the table as apologist beggars. They naively feed at the troughs of their masters never realizing that they are just being groomed as decoys to garner the vote. When the pig is being fattened for the kill, he never eats better. Indeed, these knuckle heads would label Jesus Christ himself as a "socialist" if he was to walk the earth today.

This is precisely what is wrong with the Coconut Constituency in America and, more specifically, New Mexico; they support the oppressors of their people and look the other way as Human rights violations abound. They look away as the bigoted agendas of the right persist and they mistakenly conclude that their rise in social status has nothing to do with the rich cultural values they were given as they rose from their humble beginnings, their beans and chile sustenance and their very core beliefs abandoned for alignment with their historical arch rivals and conquerors.

It looks like Heather might have pulled it off. Now she can wipe her ass with the fools who put you into office for another two years.

Way to go Heather. You did it to the Jews, you did it to the Veterans, you did it to the Senior Citizens and you can continue to do it thanks to the Coconut Constituency.

Only in New Mexico; the national trend is to seek change and Nuevo Mexicanos drag in behind.

Oh my people, will you ever learn?



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