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A Voice in the Wilderness

As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Mexico's first snow storm of 2006

What a beautiful day.

Here are some pictures of this morning's snow at my home.

Front portal

Path to the corrals - north side

I love living out of the big city.

Daddy's birdhouse

View from my front door

Down my road


Path to the corrals - south side

Looking out the back doors

Now, all I need is
to do is toss a log into the fire - pinon smells so good - put some more freshly ground coffee into the press, and sit down for a good read once this post is done.

I just started reading, Dancing in the Dark by Caryl Phillips - what a great writer.


At Fri Dec 22, 01:26:00 PM MST, Blogger iamnasra said...

It looks sooooooo cold..and Im complaining about being cold in the rain..

At Sun Dec 31, 04:38:00 PM MST, Blogger The Voice said...


It isn't all thatcold. Very calm. I believe you would like it.



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