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As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Sunday, November 05, 2006

NY Times: G.O.P. Glum as It Struggles to Hold Congress

NY Times: G.O.P. Glum as It Struggles to Hold Congress (click here)

Here's an interesting - and current - article in today's NY Times - giving a detailed breakdown - no pun intended - on how the Republican Machine is clunking to a halt as this Tuesday's mid-term elections approach.

The "mission" was based on lies, it is far from "accomplished" unless the mission was to make America the object of derision and hate for the world.

Is it any wonder when our president - the moron who has single-handedly abrogated America's standing as the Beacon of Democracy for the World?

Americans are fed up and they will register their vote come Tuesday. Our citizens have awakened to the reality that this president and his authoritarian cohorts have abused their privilege to lead this country. Americans are fed up with the deception and lies.

Here's a quote from the article,

"Joe Gaylord, who was the political lieutenant to Newt Gingrich when he led the Republican takeover of the House in 1994, said that based on polling he had seen in recent weeks, he expected his party to lose 25 seats to 30 seats on Tuesday. That general assessment was repeatedly echoed in interviews with Republicans close to the White House.

“It’s very grim,” Mr. Gaylord said. “Things are dreadful out there.”

Representative Thomas M. Davis III, a Virginia Republican and veteran party strategist, said: “There’s no question we’re going to take a hit. The only question is how hard it would be.”

Side Note: The New York Times is free on-line. In order to read the article, you can simply register an ID and pasword - its not that difficult.

I hope you read the article because it indicates the tide across the country is changing. My faith in Democracy remains undiminished and I look forward to Tuesday when these soundrels - led by Bush & Co. - are finally unseated.

Meanwhile - in the eleventh hour - the Republican controlled and owned cable news media - like the Faux News Network - are working overtime to "jiggle the numbers" (that quote, this morning on MSNBC from bullshit artist, Chris Matthews) and spin the iinformation as a means of motivating the Republicans to turn out on Tuesday.


At Sun Nov 05, 07:42:00 AM MST, Blogger Xolo said...

I read the article. I am not as optimistic. I think the Dems will get the House, but not the Senate. I also expect to see some "funny business" in close elections.

At Sun Nov 05, 10:53:00 AM MST, Blogger The Voice said...


Its kind of like the birthing process - labor pains first and then the baby comes.

You may be right but think about it, these are the mid-term elections. The Republicans don't have the swagger they had in '04. Bush is campaigning in places like Montana, Nevada & Nebraska - umm... Republican strongholds!

He's swinging directly at the Democrats with insults. That isn't going to fly this time. His fear and smear tactics are no longer palatable to the American public. An animal in the throes of death is going to lash out the same way. You are witnessing the beginning of the end - just how dramatic is the question.

Rest assured, the Republican downfall is not about "if" but rather when.

Tuesday is going to be as much a referendum on Bush & Co. as it is on the notion that these fools have placed their Agenda above the centrist interests of the American people.

Finally, reference the 'funny business' - the democrats have taken a hard-earned lesson about the last two stolen elections; this time we will have observers and attorneys to ensure that fraudulence will be exposed.

Any infractions are going to be illuminated and magnified - that is only going intensify the distrust that the American public feels because of the lies foisted upon them by these fear and smear artists.

Let's see what happens!

Good to hear from you.


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