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As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Six Thousand Toops - for another lie

Nationalism + flag waving = democracy waiving = Fascism.

This son of a bitch lied to the world about Iraq. Now, that battered country is an absolutely disgusting mess - quite simply because Iraqis don’t give a damn about democracy. They like it even less because, when America isn't shoving our brand of freedom down their throats they are booting it up their asses - Toby Keith Style. It makes no sense at all; we are going to kill them, bomb them and generally offer them even less stability than their previous despot did. Yes, I'd say our battle for their hearts and minds is going swimmingly. Daily they bury their dead and daily, we are there to remind them just why they are dying in staggering numbers - daily.

Now, George Bush - this champion of militant democracy - makes his move to manipulate the American public because his approval ratings are at an all time low with no end in sight; he declares war on Mexico with his immigration pandering paranoia. His appeals offer comfort only to xenophobic morons who know their time is just about up. History will mark this administration as the one who perfected McCarthy-esque tactics of fear and nationalism to serve their own agenda.

Just in case any of you are missing this because of all the hand-wringing and flag waving, here's a quick run down on the plan; Dubya is locking down America's southern border in preparation for his upcoming attack on Iran for her recently notched up and defiant nuclear ambitions. Our lame-duck president is hoping that by committing six thousand National Guardsmen to patrolling the US-Mexico Border, he might be able to thwart Iran's suicide bombers invasion of the US from Mexico - ostensibly because those Iranians - and all middle easterners happen to look like the brown-skinned Mexicans. Hell, all non-northern European types look alike.

Bush and Company are taking Iranian threats of making good on promises to bring their Jihad to America when Iran is finally attacked - never mind the only documented incursion by a terrorist caught at a border came through Canada when makeshift explosives were discovered in the trunk of his car by a Border Patrol Agent.
Canadians apparently don't look brown enough to cause concern.

I cannot believe just how stupid the average American is. They are so easily succumb to fear-mongering and
and then rallied by patriotic themes. Twelve years of formal education and still so easily manipulated – never mind the dopes who are college educated and falling for the crap that passes for democracy these days - domestic wire-tpping, the Patriot Acts I & II and the outright erosion of the democratic process. How can a nation founded on democracy be so easily duped by fascist themes? Was World War II history completely skipped for an entire generation? I agree with Dubya - Ameircan education has been dumbed down.

Currently, as petroleum prices are constantly increasing – those who are marketing fuel are posting record profits and no one seems to be appalled. Thanks to the American invasion of Iraq, the mid-east is fast becoming even more unstable and this causes speculators to artificially drive up the prices even more. Meanwhile, our once vaunted ‘savior,’ Bush #2 constntly seeking to curry favor from wealthy, conservative business class who has exploited the nations that are now bristling as they awaken to the historical realization of just how badly their people were screwed in the past by American businessmen. I think, if I were a member of any other country, I would be pretty God damned pissed at that kind revelation as well.

Brown skinned people especially of the current Islamic variety hate us for a reason and, while the majority of hard working Americans are not at all like the ‘evil doer’ business interests who have historically emanated from our shores and wreaked havoc as they searched abroad for ways to make a buck. But, Iraqis, Iranians, Pakistanis, Cubans, so many other Latin Americans - and we ought not forget the Asians - do not make any distinctions between working class Americans and their big business overlords.

They understandably hate all that is red, white and blue. How unfortunate that they know even less about our history than we do because, if they did, they would realize that the garden variety American has suffered much the same fate as they have - quite simply put, big business doesn't give a rat's ass about the little guy.

Hopefully the American people will make the connection between Republicans and the high price of gas. Americans may be ignorant of their history but they are intelligent enough to realize that the more they spend on fuel, the less they spend on everything else.

None the less, they most likely will have to reach such conclusions on their own. It is evident that the spineless Democrats currently in Congress are no match for the sinister neo-conservatives who drape themselves in the American flag and play the patriotic game of chicken as good as any Nazi Fascists that ever existed.

I hope this lying, deceptive asshole who now sits at the helm of America's government - I hope that he and his cronies - run out of time before they have the opportunity to do something as stupid as alienate yet another Islamic country into raining down its collective hatred on America - yet again. Hopefully, the democratic process hasn't been so altered that it cannot withstand this onslaught from within. Hopefully we can vote the oligarchic bastards out.



At Thu May 18, 08:05:00 PM MDT, Blogger Beaver said...

Wow. Now, you're back, totally and completely back!

You make a lot of good points. I've been saying for years that GWB has been LITTERALLY breaking and twisting all the principles of International Law for no acceptable reason.

The foundation of international law is the right to self-governance. The twisted logic he used to go around the silent law against random incursion in foreign countries to implement IMPERIALISM is both frustrating and insulting.

We have no power against it, yet we get it. Me happy to be a non-brown Canadian right now, because otherwise I might feel that my home could be next.

(And by the way, what's Dubya? I've see both you and Saur use the expression... i think i guessed it, but just to be sure...)

Stay safe,


At Thu May 18, 09:53:00 PM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...

"Dubya" is the letter 'W" pronpounced with a Texas drawl. "W" is his middle initial.


At Sat May 20, 01:22:00 PM MDT, Blogger Beaver said...

I like ! Thanks for mentionning it!

At Sun May 21, 07:19:00 PM MDT, Blogger Darius said...

Don't forget how the administration supported democratic elections for the Palestinians. Of course they messed up big time by voting for who they wanted instead of who we wanted, so now we have to punish them.

Bush and co. are so misunderstood by the larger world!

At Tue May 23, 06:45:00 AM MDT, Anonymous schmedlap said...

geo-politically there is some sense to your statements but you shouldn't tie it to our Southern border. The border does need to be controlled, at the very least as well as any other developed country controls their border. We are many years overdue to shut down the flow of illegal immigrants that comes through the border.

At Tue May 23, 08:58:00 AM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...


It never ceases to amaze me how normally rational people - clear thinking people can buy into racist and bigoted bullshit. All it takes is for a few overblown talk show fools - who turnout to be felon druggies (Limbaugh) and sexual perverts (Bill O'Riley) - to spew their angry white man fears on the air and the ignorant masses who happen to have their fears tapped into as well. In short order, they buy in to it and mimic the bigotry with 'informed, fair and balanced' logic.

No problem, I just saw the special on Goebbles and the propaganda machine of the Third Reich. It was very interesting to see the parallels between the Nazis from way back then and the current fascists who are manipulating good people - such as yourself in America today.

There is no doubt this border shut-down is going to come to fruition but my question is, at what price? America is a great and powerful nation but we cannot plug all the leaks anymore. The liar George Bush opened up a Pandora’s box of sorts when he decided to lie about Iraq and his sinister ways are now paying off in ways we never fathomed.

Quite simply put, there is no easy solution in sight and the border shutdown is no panacea. I am convinced the terrorist cells are already here so shutting the borders down is merely a symbolic action that the government wants to put forth to ‘reassure’ the people. In truth, this ‘reassurance’ is really nothing more than another fear-inciting tactic set out by a very unpopular administration that is seeking to raise its standing with an increasingly fed-up American constituency. All the terrorists need at this point is another rallying cause like Iraq. If we unilaterally go after Iran and most likely even if we don’t, the terrorists will maintain that is the great evil America that was behind the upcoming attack on Iran. Rest assured Schmedlap, the terrorists are coming and they are doing so because of the actions of the current administration.

We can only head radicals off by acknowledging the people whom they are attempting to gain support from by acknowledging those people’s right to exist. Accepting their decisions about their chosen form of self-government might be a start. Bombing them into the stone age only incites their anger more. Buying their oil and giving them tons of cash with which they can fund their Jihadist war against us makes no sense. Everyone on the planet knows that the Saudis are bankrolling the insurgents but yet, we focus our attention first on Iraq and more recently on Iran.

Terrorists – brown-skinned or not - are Human Beings with the same kinds of brains and egos as we regio-centric Americans – of all stripes - have. These people- brown-skinned ones from what we foolishly have dismissed as backward countries included - have proven they are just as capable of becoming educated and developing the same destructive technologies as we have - and they are sighting in on us. Closing out borders is not the solution, opening our eyes regarding how we, as a nation, have shit on the world is. It is not a pleasant thought to ponder but the reality is Americans have wreaked havoc in the world since the old Great White Fleet days of Teddy Roosevelt and now, as Malcom X once spoke about the upcoming civil unrest, “The chickens have come home to roost.”

Borders won't change anti-American terrorists goals - a change in the American mind-set will. Treating all people with dignity and respect seems like a great place for us to start as a nation.

By the way, thank you for your token remark about my 'good points' but, if you cannot see the biger picture them your dismissive mindset - as evidenced by your words - are something which neither I or anyone else can change. That's how an entire nation decided to take on the world and brought about it's own destruction. That nation was World War II Germany - a nation filled with good people who followed a corrupt administration straight to its destruction.

At Tue May 23, 04:19:00 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At Tue May 23, 07:23:00 PM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...

This is my world and you are just passing through it. I am deleting your comment not because of what you have to say but becuse you are too much of a chicken shit to put your name to it.

At Thu May 25, 08:31:00 AM MDT, Blogger Xolo said...

I too I am happy you are back.

I am always amazed by your writing. You have great skill in capturing frustration with your words - not an easy task.

And your words are right on the money. I think I am going to reread Orwell's 1984 this summer to document his foresight.

At Thu May 25, 01:42:00 PM MDT, Blogger joe schmedlap said...

Dude - you are right, the chickens are coming home to roost, due to a lot of shit that started before we were even born not just what's happened in the past decade. All I was saying is that if we are here to mop up the mess we ought to try damn hard as citizens to shore up whatever we can, to plug the holes in the dyke so to speak .. even though it may be futile we have to go down fighting .. No doubt you are right there are terror cells here all ready -- but still if your house got burglarized once would you quit locking it after that day?? No, you get new locks because whe you boil it down what else can you do.... and that burglar may have just been poor and needy but I still lock the door.

At Thu May 25, 10:29:00 PM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...


It is good to know you are still around. Thanks for dropping by. It is always great hearing from you.

Joe Schmedlap,

I think we agree more than you might think - where I get my heartburn is that we are in a huge mess because we, as a nation have done some pretty terrible things historically and we are arrogant. Our haughty high-tone behavior has gotten us in this mess,

When I was a kid, my dad and I were fishing up north. I was getting ready to take a piss. He told me, matter-of-factly, "Don't pee in the river. There are people who live downstream from here and they use this water."

In his usual fashion, he then taught me something pretty profound when he added this, "Just remember, he said, we live downstream from people too."

I think that sums up what I am feeling about the US approach to the world; we seem reactionary when in fact, it is the collection of actions that we historically have undertaken that now have us worrying about who lives 'upstream' of us - ironically, in this case, it is Mexico and the entire third world for that matter who are 'downstream' from us.

Come on Joe, pick up book or ask me and I will give you a reading list. But please, don’t turn a blind eye to it. Your training and life experience have to give you gnawing feeling in your gut that America is in a hell of a mess because of something - right?

I agree we should take pro-active measures - kind of like community policing where we look for ways to avert problems - before they have a chance to come to fruition.

It is vastly more difficult to deal with the horse after the barn door has been closed - after it is already out of the barn.

If these metaphorical attempts of mine - used to convey what I am feeling about America and its knee-jerk reaction to terrorism, aren't making any sense or somehow seem inane, please accept my apology because they are failing to deliver my point that indeed, we are in a big mess.

What I am trying to say is that it makes more sense to head off pitfalls in advance. Moreover, if, and when we screw up, then we promptly admit it and make amends wherever possible - does this sound familiar? Our current policy is to lay the onus on someone else and then go after them - and anyone else who questions us - with a vengeance.

You, as a police officer, know that what has really bothered you in the past is when an offender denied his guilt in spite of all the evidence stacked up against him. I have found that I am less inclined to be punitive with someone provided they cop to the crime.

It is evident that the entire world is aware that George Bush screwed up - the only ones that don't see the error of his ways is him and the populace who are either too stupidly loyal or too embarrassed to admit that they are following a morally corrupt man who actually deceived them.

When you think about it, the dynamic is really not that different in abusive relationships. Victims of abuse hope against all better judgment that their abuser will somehow redeem himself by either changing his ways or at least coming clean about his wrong-doings.

Unfortunately, Bush II's track record indicates he will never let that happen. Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior.

Finally, locks are meant to keep 'honest' people out. Dishonest people, in you example, burglars will find a way to get in anyway. You know that better than anyone.

How many residential or commercial burglary calls have you taken where the buildings were left unsecured?

The truth is, dishonest people - terrorists included are going to find a way to get in. Plain and simple, we need to take the wind out of bad people's sails by first of all understanding what their primary motivation is.

In the case of terrorists, we can take the wind out of their sails by appealing to their base of support.

no base = no support

Treat them with dignity and respect Joe - it is really that simple.

I happen to think we are the greatest nation on the planet - our military might is unquestionably the best but this is not about might. It is about what is right.

Remember, the big dog only comes off the porch when he is going to bite. Otherwise, he looks like a bully or worse yet, he is not taken seriously.

People love to see bullies get their eyes blacked and better yet, the love to see them get their asses kicked. In the eyes of the world, we are nothing more than a big bully and because of that, ALL Americans - even the ones who do not agree with the great liar - are being lumped in with him.

This is precisely why common people died in the 911 terrorist attack. They paid for the sins of George W. Bush and the ilk he represents. Just in case you missed it, contrary to his declaration while aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln, "Mission Accomplished" was not - accomplished that is. What we did accomplish was to further inflame the hatred of middle easteners when our Commander in Chief prematurely rubbed his shit in their faces.

You have no more in common with GWB than any other common man does. George Bush and his oligarchic class have little regard for you other than for your vote because they know they can manipulate you into fighting their wars.

Where is your outrage? Instead you are worrying about locking your doors and changing locks. What about the jerk who is at the root of all this mess? Why aren’t you calling for his head?

If you were in a building and someone yelled, “FIRE!” when there wasn’t actually a fire. If that same person caused large numbers of people to be hurt and maybe even killed, shouldn’t that person be held accountable?

George Bush lied in the past. He used fear tactics. He and his administration have cried fire in the past – they have been caught doing it in the past.

Here are but a few examples: WMD & Iraq, Saddam-Osama connection, Outing of under-cover CIA Agent Valerie Plame, and on and on - and yet, you still find what he and his collective of lying, fear-mongering scum have to say to be credible?

Good God Joe, what is it going to take for this man’s bullshit to stop? Face it, he taps into your fears and he scares the shit out of you. He does it precisely to manipulate you. Now he is polarizing the country by using the border issue.

Look at Israel, they have the same kind of border – has the terrorism stopped? Here’s a news flash, a tight border will be useless against an intercontinental ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead. It certainly won’t stop a dedicated terrorist just like locks, vigilance, cameras and alarms don't stop petty thieves, burglars or drug-dealers.

At Sun May 28, 12:03:00 PM MDT, Blogger joe schmedlap said...

Do you think that we (by that I mean the USA) should cut some of the ties with Israel?

At Sun May 28, 10:38:00 PM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...


Absolutely. Although,I think we are going to use Israel as our first strike against Iran. We'll let them start it and we will finish it.

At Tue May 30, 06:22:00 PM MDT, Blogger joe schmedlap said...

oh my gawd I hope you are wrong -- but once again we end up on the same side of an issue cause' I'm betting you are right.

peace bro


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