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As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spam Bots and Anonymous comments - Some Friendly Advice

Here's some helpful information for any of you using 'Blogger.' I found out about this feature on Blogger Buzz.

I've already forwarded this to a couple of fellow bloggers and I have now decided to share it with you all. Use it if you can.

You can activate the, 'word verification' feature under the comments section of your template to cut down on the spam bots. These spammers have a program that looks up key words and then link to your site automatically.

If you use the ‘word verification’ option, the spam bots cannot 'read' and therefore cannot ‘type’ in the code word and that keeps them from posting on your thread.

This feature keeps anonymous spam bot programmers from cluttering up your site with inappropriate or off-topic posts aimed at advertising their sites on your blog. This way you don’t have to continually delete posts from the spammers. Personally I find them annoying. At any rate this is just a suggestion for you to consider.

I hope you find this suggestion useful.

Note: the picture I have posted of Bart Simpson really has nothing to do with this post but, it is just my way of providing some entertainment for those of you reading this post - On second thought it is kind of apropos in that those inane anonymous solicitors never have anything to do with the posts either! What a save... It's always nice to take a jab at the neo-cons.


At Wed Aug 31, 03:21:00 AM MDT, Blogger Renee Wagemans said...

thank you so much

At Wed Aug 31, 09:16:00 PM MDT, Blogger Liquidplastic said...

J this is for popular blogs that are read by a lot of folks. But if my blog ever get as popular as yours I will do this, thanks.

At Sat Sep 03, 09:07:00 AM MDT, Blogger iamnasra said...

Well thanks for this came as great help to me ...

Once again thank you..I really did not know how to stop the spam...It helped me a lot

At Fri Sep 23, 10:25:00 AM MDT, Blogger wordsworth said...

A great suggestion, "The Voice." However, I found "word verification" on my blogger dashboard under Settings > Comments, not under Templates. If you have trouble finding it under Templates, check under Settings (then select Comments). Could it be that dashboards are different from blogger to blogger?

At Fri Sep 23, 11:37:00 AM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...


I probably misrepresented it - your description regarding location sounds more accurate.



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