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A Voice in the Wilderness

As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in such twilight that we must be aware of change in the air, however slight, lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness. -- William O. Douglas

Friday, June 10, 2005

A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

American Idol vs Real American Hero

American Veteran with prosthesis in V.A. Hospital Rehabilitation
No guitars, no flags - just learning how to walk on a fake leg.

Songs by people like Toby Keith should be taken out and shot for making a profit from war.

Oh that someone would put a boot in good 'ol Toby's bigoted, war-mongering arse.

Common decency should stop cowards who have never worn a badge or uniform from writing hate-filled songs. But it doesn't - the payoff is too great. Adolph Hitler was a master of such tripe. Toby calls it 'art.' His frenzied lyrics drip with patriotism that can only be satisfied with the blood of third-world people and American Soldiers. Unfortunately, the victims on both sides of such hate-filled conflicts who always comprise the majority of its victims are poor people. They cannot avoid it because they either lack the means or the education and opportunity to escape it. Toby Keith stirs up the fervor in a folksy way that appeals to down-home clannishness; a KKK revival of sorts. His attire can best be described as Cowboy Gangsta-Thug but, he's no cowboy - he attests to it as much in one of his songs.

Cowboy Gangsta-Thug
Not a Cowboy, Not a Hero - but plays one on stage...
That ain't a real cowboy hat! Its a prop.

Such propaganda might be more convincing if it weren't garnering such handsome profits for people who wouldn't dare put their lives on the line. Since they are unwilling to die for their cause, they could demonstrate their patriotism by donating all the profits from their blood-thirsty, hateful songs to the Heroes that historically have been simply forgotten.

Check out the mulit-millionaire poser
in his rumpled, poor man's costume

Chicken Hawk: Looks like a Veteran .... but isn't
Real American Coward & Jackass

When you drive home tonight, think of the soldiers and veterans who have fought to protect your freedom. Remember that tens of thousands of Veterans will go to sleep tonight with little to no food in their bellies. They will go to sleep in alleys and under bridges. Some have frozen to death and most of their children live in poverty as well because their Government has turned its back on them. When your heart begins to swell with pride as you hear Toby Keith sing about stupid, dirty A-rabs and the American way, remember the Veterans.

Oh Toby Where art Thou?
better yet,
Were you ever there?

My hope is that Toby sticks to songs about stalking or songs about what a moron he was in High School. It's more honest and less obscene.

As Toby sings: A little less talk and a lot more action

Pat Tillman
Real American Hero
He did his flag waving on the battlefield
November 6, 1976 – April 22, 2004.
"Scholar, Athlete, Leader, Hero, Friend"

Yes tough-guy Toby was a Pro football player but,
NFL football player turned soldier Pat Tillman's family knows all about that.

Was his death by friendly fire a cover-up?

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At Fri Jun 10, 03:29:00 PM MDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant post, Voice. With you 100%.

Recently I wrote something regarding how I feel lucky to be able to breathe a sigh of relief at my own country's non-involvement, yet somehow guilty at the same time ... I think for reasons of fear that "lucky feeling" could be misinterpreted as US-bashing.

Canadians are glad we made the decision we did, yet at the same time many hold fears of future reprocussions in relations because of that. Personally, I do not. Most of Europe didn't get involved, and a large number of US citizens seem to now wish their country could have gone along with Canada's decision. Admins change, too ... I think in the long run we'll be okay. So long as Canadian pride in our choice doesn't get misinterpreted as anti-Americanism (which some politicos have already chalked it up to).

Would love it if you could weigh in on this.

At Fri Jun 10, 05:13:00 PM MDT, Blogger The Voice said...


That is a thoroughly thought provoking question. Please remember that George Bush did not actually win the first election and his popularity was among the lowest in US History before 9/11.

It is not unusual for the Country to rally around a War-time President during times of crisis - so this explains how Dubya was above to get away with what he has thus far. They have flexed their muscles but that is just about over. The public is slowly becoming aware just how manipulative and deceiving the GWB Administration has been. Enough American Soldiers are dying and they can nolonger keep it a secret that Iraqi insurgents are far more menacing warriors than what Toby Keith painted them out to be.

The last election, contrary to GWB's contention was won by a very narrow margin - 49% of the country's voters did not support him. Thus the argument that he has a 'mandate' is specious.

Now, G here is where I want you to pay close attention - Canada was right and so was France and most of Europe for that matter - I believe John Kerry had it right when he said the "Coalition of the willing" was more like a "Coalition of the coerced" - The countries who backed the Bush Administration did so because they could not afford not to - economically speaking.

The Downing Street Memo [please see my previous post] is proof enough that the GW decided far in advance of Congress' decision to back him on his single-minded intention to get Saddam. The result today in Iraq is a fierce resistance which seems to be increasing in strength daily. We are not winning hearts and minds over there, we are creating unrest and supporting fears that the other surrounding countries may one day be in America's sights. The result is a powerful underground movement of people infiltrating thee borders to fight the 'American Devil.'

They see US control as something very real. People who speak their language and worship their God are being killed daily - they blame it on the US - whether that is true or not it doesnt matter because all they see is their people are dying - as long as the US is there.

Dubya's cavalier swagger and bravado cannot be at all comforting for the people in that region or any other countries either - vis a vis what you have said sounds much the same; you fear US repercussions.

Fear not, this smoke and mirrors tactic cannot last forever - other countries that were more prudent in their reservations about entering into what turned out to be a war based on lies.

I applaud your country for exercising its democratic right on the world scene because that is what democracy is about. Nobody can make you do it. I admire that Canadians had the balls to stand up to an administration that does not really represent the majority. They only happen to be in power - for now. Their run is just about over.

These kknaves and fools are on their way out. The voice of dissent is strong. Until the First Amendment which guarantees my freedoom of speech os taken away I will continue to shout long and loud. 49% of the population was of that mindset at the last election. I am confident their voices are getting stronger and some old Bush supporters are now turning against him. The winds of change are now blowing against GWB and company. Posterity will show just how corrupt and deceitful they really were.



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